Q1: If I am hypnotised, will I lose consciousness?

No. You are fully conscious in a very relaxed but focussed state of mind.

Q2: If I am hypnotized, will I be in some ones control in a manner that I am forced to do things and acts against my free will.

Under hypnosis, you cannot be forced to do things against your free will. While under hypnosis You will automatically resist on acting upon any suggestion which goes against your value system. In fact you cannot be hypnotised if you don't want to be hypnotized.

Q3: When I am under hypnosis, will I be able to come out of the hypnotic trance or will I get stuck in the trance.

In known experience, all clinically mentally healthy persons are able to come out of hypnosis very easily. Though there are protocol procedures followed to induce hypnosis and come out of hypnosis for maximum client comfort, even if these are not followed, any one will be able to come out of hypnosis at any time with their free will. In fact when under hypnosis, a part of your conscious mind is aware and witness to whole process of hypnosis. Besides many times during the day, we get into a state of hypnosis when attention is sharply focussed on a single activity such as reading an engrossing book, watching a riveting television program or concentrating hard at a particular task.

Q4: If I am hypnotized, will I be in some ones control in a manner that I am forced to do things and acts against my free will.

Absolutely No. On the contrary, hypnosis relaxes your mental and physical body and is an inherent stress reliever. Coming out of a session using hypnosis, you will feel highly relaxed, refreshed and alert.

Q5: Can everyone be hypnotised?

Accordingly to most research around 85 percent of people enter into the state of hypnosis fairly rapidly. The rest 15 percent have various difficulties getting into a hypnotic state due to various reasons mostly connected with such peoples conditioning and beliefs about control and fear issues which they associate with being hypnotised. However there are techniques which are able to surmount most of these issues and allow such clients to experience a state of hypnosis.

Q6: Why do I need to be hypnotised to be able to retrieve memories from my past?

All experiences we are having and have had in past are stored as memories in our subconscious mind. So from our conscious mind, our experiences in form of thoughts, images, words, emotions, smells, impressions and perceptions go into the subconscious mind and are permanently stored there. In our awake state, the conscious mind is analytically busy with day to day tasks and thoughts concerning the here and now. It only retrieves for here and now the memories it immediately needs to accomplish our tasks. All other memories remain forgotten in the subconscious mind. Under hypnosis, with the free will of the client, we relax the conscious mind and suggest it to become a silent non analytical witness in one corner of the human body, thereby altering our state of consciousness and allowing deep rooted memories to come forth to the surface from the subconscious mind. Working with these memories we then explore their contents which are adversely affecting our present mental and behavioural state of being.

Q7: I understand when memories of events from past in this life are remembered but how does one know that purported images from a past life/lives are real and not merely a figment of my imagination?

All past memory comes to us in form of a knowing through any one or more of following: Visual images, feelings, knowing, smells, thoughts, words and the whole event of the past coming into our conscious mind. Similarly through our conscious mind imaginative faculties, many past memories which are evidently unconnected to this life may also surface from time to time. Whether these are real or not is a matter of research into the theory of reincarnation which is a separate subject. For our purposes, both present life memories and purported past life memories have same contents as mentioned above . We work with these memory contents which are unique to each one of us and relevant to our mental, physical and behavioural state of being. So if we choose not to accept the theory of reincarnation, we would look at purported past life memories as imaginary from books or films or otherwise. For purpose of meeting objectives of therapy all these memories unique to us need to be explored and unravelled with attendant actions on them by the client with and without the guidance of the therapist.

Q8: Is there a danger that I may get stuck in a past life memory and not be able to come into the present life?

In a focussed and altered state of consciousness when past life memories are being processed, our present life conscious mind is always present in the background. Therefore in one sense, simultaneously we are in the past life memory as well as in the present life consciousness. Therefore at no stage do we lose any contact with our present life consciousness/reality/conscious mind. Inevitably we will come out of the past life memory and into the present life consciousness awareness when the session ends and/or when we choose to do so depending upon the situation prevailing.

Q9: During and after the regression therapy is there a chance that my existing mental condition will worsen?

During regression therapy working with memories of past life events sometimes evokes emotional, mental and physical body energy. We may feel a myriad plethora of emotions, moods and body conditions some of which may not be very pleasant and even seem overwhelming. The therapist is very sensitive to client sensibilities in this regard and will endeavour to keep the client in a comfort zone at all times. However it is healthy for such charges/energy to be released as the client relives in the present the past events and assimilates them in his being. The net effect is one of extreme relief and a balance of client energy making the latter feel light and buoyant at most times. In any case the therapist will give the client an option to relive memories of unbearable traumatic events in a disassociated manner to minimize the emotional/physical turbulence. Otherwise the event memory will be approached in a gradual desensitizing manner repeatedly till the client is able to clearly relive and re-experience the same without over whelming disturbing attendant reactions. At the end of the session , for some days, the client may feel light or in the air and somewhat disoriented while the new shift in emotional /intellectual understanding is integrated in the mental infrastructure leading to an alleviation of client mental and behavioural presenting issue which was the reason for undertaking regression therapy in first place.

Q10: Is there a guarantee that regression therapy will reduce/eliminate my presenting issue necessitation of therapy?

Complete elimination of the client presenting issue necessitating regression therapy depends upon various factors including the effectiveness of the regression therapy. One of the factors is the client willingness and cooperation to assimilate and integrate the new emotional and intellectual insights emerging from the regression therapy sessions. Another important factor is for the client in the present to undertake certain advised exercises which will help maintain the benefits accruing from the regression therapy. However there are numerous methods and ways to approach healing the client presenting issue with regression therapy being one of them. Most research has shown that approximately 64 percent of all clients undergoing regression therapy have indicated significant to complete healing of their presenting issues.

Q11: How does Past Life Regression help me to overcome the problems being faced by me at present?

We are the sum total of all the experience of all our past lives. The effects of your past actions will be felt by you in your present. Almost all of the problems being faced now (health problems, psychosomatic diseases, relationship issues, recurring negative patterns in life situations, lack of clarity about the purpose of your life, stagnation in spiritual growth, etc.) have their root-causes in past lives.

Past Life Regression works on the principal of cause and effect and helps remove the effects by addressing the root-cause. By going to a root-cause and understanding how it has affected the present, profound natural healing takes place automatically.

Past Life Regression works simultaneously on Body, Mind, Intellect and Spirit, and heals at all levels.

Q12: Is Past Life Regression the same as Hypnotism?

Past Life Regression is not a form of hypnotism. Though it is commonly believed that Past Life Regression is achieved only through hypnosis, hypnosis is just one of the many techniques used in Past Life Regression.

Q13: If the person regressed into a past life sees something traumatic or unpleasant, will not have a negative impact?

There is an old saying – “To re-live is to relieve”. Once a traumatic or unpleasant situation is re-lived during the regression session it results in greater understanding at deeper levels of the Psyche. In fact, it is the trauma that is buried deep inside our Subconscious that is the cause of many unexplainable problems faced in this lifetime. Therefore, once the buried trauma is brought to the conscious awareness through the regression process, the problems start clearing up automatically and naturally. There is also a universal truth regarding the nature of our higher self. That is, “You are never given anything without also being given the power to handle it”. Therefore, you will receive only that information which your are capable of handling. This is a universal law.

Q14: If we really had past lives, would we not remember them automatically?

Whenever we take a new incarnation, there is a veil that prevents us from remembering our past lives. Until the age of five, this veil is not fully formed and thus small children are able to see their past lives. There are universal laws, which control the flow of information. It is allowed to flow to us only when we are ready for it. People who are more spiritually awakened can see their past lives, as they are already ready for this information.

Q15: If undergo a Past Life Regression session and experience one or more past lives, will I be able to remember the experience after the session is over?

Yes. However, the clarity with which you remember may vary from person to person and session to session. The experience becomes a part of you and sometime, more memories are triggered after the session resulting in spontaneous recall of past lives.

Q16: How many sessions do I need to take?

Based on my experience with thousands of clients, I recommend three sessions for adequate clarity. However, this is not a rigid rule. The actual number of session required depends on the complexity of the issues and your state of preparedness to work on yourself. We normally review the situation after the first session. If the response is good, then we go ahead with the second and third sessions on consecutive days (only one session can be given per day) If not a gap of at least one month is given after which sessions can be taken again. During this period, you will be required to practice Meditation, which helps to open you up and clear the blocks that might be preventing you from experiencing your past lives.

Q17: Is there any age limit for a person to undergo a Past Life Regression session?

There is no rigid age limit. However, while working with children, we prefer that the child is at least 12 years old. It is important for the child to be able to comprehend what the therapist is saying, follow instructions and explain what he/she is experiencing. It is also important to be able to integrate the experiences.

Q18: I do not have any specific problem. However, I am curious to know my past lives. Is it still all right to undergo Past Life Regression?

Curiosity is as good a reason as any other! However, in our experience, we have observed that most people, who initially think that they have no issues in life, realize after starting the sessions that they do have significant issues that need to be resolved. These are the issues that they have been avoiding to face till then, by ‘sweeping the dirt under carpet’. Past Life Regression helps you to uncover such issues that you have been avoiding so far and resolve them once and for all. It helps to gain clarity about the purpose of your life.

Q19: My child is a spastic. How will I be able to find out the root-cause through Past Life Regression?

It may not be possible to regress the child. However, it would be immensely beneficial if one or both of the parents undergo Past Life Regression. This would provide a lot of clarity and understanding about why the child has chosen the disability in this life and also why, as parents, you have chosen this particular life – situation.

Q20: Do we also have Mineral/Plant/Animal past lives?

Yes. We do have Mineral/Plant/Animal past lives. When Souls first emerge from the Source / God / All-That-Is/Tao, they usually incarnate first as Minerals, then as Plants, followed by Animals and finally as Humans. However, this is not a rigid system and Souls can skip one or more stages. Most Souls follow this order without skipping any stage as each stage offers unique opportunities for experience. There are many people who have experienced past lives in the mineral, plants or animal states while undergoing Past Life Regression.

Q21: Do we go back to animal lives?

Yes. We sometimes go back to animal lives, but this happens very rarely.

Q22: Why is the population of Earth increasing?

The population on the earth is increasing because because many new Souls are incarnating on this Earth plane at the present juncture. Some of these Souls have not had previous existence on earth. Also, there were times when the population of the earth was much more than it is now, remained constant, or was even reducing. People who have relived past lives in ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria have seen that during those times, the population of the earth was higher than it is at present.

Q23: Are past life vision merely figments of our imagination?

No. Past Life vision are not figments of your imagination. They are very real for those experiencing them. When you imagine something, you will come up with something different every time. However, the past life visions always ring true and the same visions are seen whenever the same past life is revisited – only the details get clearer and clearer. This cannot happen in the case of imagination as it runs off in different directions, and the story keeps changing. Also, people see many traumatic and painful situations in their past life experiences. We cannot imagine such negative experiences. When we imagine, we tend to imagine positive experience.

Q24: Do we get past life dreams?

Yes. We often get past life dreams. However, as with all dreams, we often do not remember them. It is possible to improve your ability, at the time of going to sleep, that your will remember the dreams when you wake up.

Q25: Who should go in for Past Life Regression?

Anyone of the following should go in for Past Life Regression:

  • Those who have inexplicable health problems that do not respond to conventional therapies.
  • Those who have irrational fears and phobias.
  • Those who have relationship issues.
  • Those whose life seems to be stuck in repetitive patterns.
  • Those who are unable to progress in life due to negative mental attitudes and limiting belief systems.
  • Those who wish to know the purpose of their lives.
  • Those who feel that they have stagnated on the Spiritual Path.
  • Those who are curious to know about their past lives.

Q26: How should one plan and prepare for Past Life Regression?

The first step in planning for Past Life Regression is to find the right therapist. Make sure that the therapist is qualified and experienced. It is better if the therapist is a spiritually awakened individual. Past Life Regression works on Body, Emotions, Mind, and Spirit. If you go to someone who views Past Life Regression as just a technique and is not aware of the Spiritual dimension, then you may be missing out on the real advantages of Past Life Regression.

Once you have decided on the therapist, consult the therapist on the preparation required. Practicing Meditation regularly, reading spiritual books, reading books on the subject of Past Life Regression and getting into a more relaxed state of mind are all good ways to prepare for the session.

It is always better to know more about what you are going in for. You will then have a more positive outlook towards the whole process and you will not have any unrealistic expectations.