Hypnosis and Regression Therapy

Various definitions of Hypnosis:

The hypnotic state offers itself for better communication with the subconscious mind for retrieval of deep memories in latter, when the analytical conscious mind is at rest as a witness in one corner of the mind.

Regression Therapy

The conscious mind in our normal wakeful state constantly processes, analyses and filters information from around and within us as part of our interaction in the world. The subconscious mind like a tape recorder, continually stores all the information from our interaction and when required relays this information to the conscious mind. The subconscious has stored in it all the information of the present life from conception in pregnancy onwards and also information from past lives.

The process of regression therapy has an objective of identifying and eliminating presenting client problem issues in the body, emotions, mind and spirits, leading to dysfunctional thoughts and behavioural patterns in the present with negative attendant consequences.

Through alteration in state of client consciousness, memories of present life and past lives events/situations are retrieved from subconscious mind. These memories come in form of visual images, thoughts, words, sounds, smells, emotions, body sensations,impressions and belief systems formed in such situations. The regression process continues work on specific/all retrieved elements till the initial/first/original cause of the presenting problem is discovered and dissolved leading to elimination/mitigation of client problem

In the past few decades, regression therapy has begun to emerge as a dynamic and vital therapeutic modality embracing many disciplines, both traditional and non-traditional. It is a hybrid concept which has created an effective trans-disciplinary approach through a theoretical synthesis of many modalities.

Regression therapy defies a narrow, rigid definition, but an important characteristic which distinguishes present/past-life regression therapy from other therapeutic approaches is in its focus upon the discovery of the original causes of a client's problems and in the acceptance of the theory that present life issues or problems may have their origin in present life/ past lives, real or symbolic, and in its willingness to explore this possibility with clients.