Typical Session

A regular regression therapy sesson lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. The Various steps followed in the session are given below. However the given steps are not rigid in their sequence, duration and length of time and are unique to needs and situation of each client. In some situations only one step or few may constitute an entire session. In addition therapist may do further work involving balancing of psychic energies of the client and removal of certain energies foreign to the client


The client tells about self to therapist through a questionnaire (Link To which is given elsewhere in this site) , interview and answers to Therapist questions. Client discharges therapist from any liabilities perceived as arising out of session/session contract.


Through client and therapist understanding, a presenting issue is identified and which is to be worked upon in the session. Issue based Thoughts, emotions and physical sensations existing at start of session are quantified on a scale of one to ten. Based on these Expectations from session/s these are then quantified on scale of one to ten. It may take more than one session to bring the presenting issue parameters within range of client expectations. Normally most issues show significant positive change in 3 to 5 sessions.


Methods and processes leading to a state of client consciousness amenable to regression.


Retrieval of relevant past experience memories replete with emotions,feelings,smells, thoughts, physical sensations impressions and life positions taken as applicable to client.


Transformation of client energies and harmonious integration of new insights into the client present life psychic system. Closure implies a return to the present so that repercussions of the past are removed consciously. Closure is the moment of definitive cleaning, of realization and confirmation that the negative charge has indeed disappeared.


Through a process of energy healing and creative visualization the client anchors the new Insights/Qualities/Energies imbibed from Closure.


A process by which the client is gradually brought back to a state of Consciousness in the here and now.